Features and specifications of the iMotoHR mobile application

iMotoHR is a GPS localization Mobile Application which aims to facilitate the practice of Off-Road Motorcyling
The application allows a user to localize himself on the FQMHR network, which contains more than 10,000 Km of praticable trails and 24 partner parks.
Furthermore, the application display detailed information on many businesses and other touristic attactions for users of this sport!

  • Visualize 8,500 Km of trails.
  • Find information on 24 parks listed by the FQMHR, thanks to the detailed information pages.
  • Locate your position and your orientation on the network even without cellphone reception.
  • Search and find an associate member, association member, business or other points of interest with the search tool.
  • Search by address or by terms. (City, region, etc.)

The application is available on Android and iOS

  • iOS (Apple): version 5.0 or higher
  • Android (Google): version 2.2 or higher

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Conception of the iPhone and Android iMotoHR application

The iMotoHR mobile application was produced by experts in iPhone and Android mobile development. The expertise of the APPCOM team, located in the region of Montreal, worked in close cooperation with the FQMHR to bring you an extraordinary mobile application.
This technological agency is specialized in iPhone and Android development and the conception of search engine optimized websites.
APPCOM has completed several projects related to motorized sports federations in Quebec and is closely linked to this field.